Trulli restoration in Capo di Gallo - Martina Franca

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This property is composed of three different small groups of trulli in Capo di Gallo - Martina Franca  . Capo di Gallo is a sweet hilly area dotted with small group of trulli. The landscape was once covered in wine yards of which remains some plots. The cultivation of grapes was the reason of the wide spread presence of trulli used as place to stay during the harvest season of the grapes and the pressing of wine.

 Before the restoration work this groups of trulli were in very bad condition, the internal arches were structurally compromised and parts of the walls needed rebuilding. The owners wanted a suggestive place were to be surrounded by the beauty and the peace of the countryside.

The internal spaces are minimal with custom – made furniture and fittings. The externals are developed following a continuous and sinuous line. The result is a pattern of different areas made in natural stone, gravel and little green spaces open in the paved area. All the details were designed with care. Every trulli unit has a special point of view on the beautiful landscape. The result is very harmonious relation of the trulli with the surroundings.