Restoration and extension trulli in Alberobello - Monte del Sale -

<< torna ai lavori svolti

This group of trulli restored and extended is in Monte del Sale - Alberobello. Before the restoration works this trullo was a ruin, one of the cones was collapsed so that the interiors stone circles of  the dome ( called“ candela”) had to be completely rebuilt. Monte del Sale is protected area and every kind of construction work needs the authorization  of the Cultural Heritage Agency. This means to respect all the traditional techniques. For example, the “chiancarelle”, the thin lime stone slabs on the roof of the trullo are made  by breaking the stone with a stone hammer  and not by sawing it in regular flat slabs. Once finished the dome looks like a stone rosary. This restoration was exciting, the main aim was to save all the original characters of the building. The corridor built to connect the extension to the existing trulli is hidden by a stone wall. The building is made of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, the kitchen and the living room. The internal and the external floors are in stone, the terraces are on different levels starting  from the level of the cistern to get to the one of the main trullo.