New house in Ostuni

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This new building in Ostuni is a typical Mediterranean house studied to be energy efficient. The main elevation faces south and opens on the landscape via a large picture window. The orientation of the building is determined by the position of the sun and the existing residual Mediterranean scrubland on the west side of the property. The construction has massive, 55 cm walls and It can be distinct in two blocks.  The one of the kitchen - Leaving area built externally in limestone and internally in tufo (soft limestone) with a thermal insulation pan between the two walls 16 cm thick.  The one of bedrooms – bathrooms built externally in thermal brick and internally in tufo (soft limestone) with a thermal insulation pan  between the two walls 14 cm thick. The bedrooms and bathrooms face north- west and on the south- east side give on a corridor intended as a buffer area protecting from the morning heat. The house has wide openings facing south and west and the shading are fundamental, the south elevation is protected by a wide veranda and on the west side there is another veranda that needs to be integrated by vertical shading. The south window faces the garden and the pool. The solarium and the pergola complete the pool area. The pergola is just behind the garage has a wood structure and is covered with canes. In the section dedicated to energy saving we explain better the energy saving characteristics.