Trulli renovation Putignano - interior design -

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The renovation of these trulli in Putignano is a project of interior design . The trulli were used as summer house so their characteristics are different from the typical peasant trulli  that had just to be functional and durable. The floor of a traditional trullo was of thick heavy stone while  these kind of last century middle class summer houses had a different kind of flooring  smooth and easier to clean often made of decorated cement tiles. The tradition to spend the summer months out in the country site to shelter from the extreme heat was and it is deeply ingrained in these areas. Moving to the country side for the summer seaeon people needed to find adequate spaces for a long stay.

These are the reasons why the design choices of this building are different from the one usually imagined for a trullo. All the original plaster were kept, the bare stone is visible only  on the main arch of the living room . All over the house the flooring is a decorated ceramic that remember the classical cement tiles and is layed down to draw a sort of carpet. The image  is the one of a last century  bourgeois house. The lights are white gipsy appliques that are nearly invisible on the white walls. The kitchen design kept all the existing wooden furniture placed aside a built in white masonry block standing the sink the dishwasher and the oven. The result is simple and harmonic.