Stone tower renovation in Castellana

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This stone tower in Castellana is very unusual. On the ground floor there is a large space with a cross vault and a barrel vault. The plan is a cross and remembers the plan of a church with a semicircular apse that is the niche were there is now the table. This shape is probably only a coincidence but it’s part of the suggestion of the building. The house at the moment of the purchase was partially restored but needed all the fittings and the internals finishing, the external doors and windows were already in but there were no floors and internal walls . The house is divided in two apartments, one on the ground floor and the other one on the first floor, the project aimed to a functional division  of the spaces and to the interior design.   At the ground floor there is a large kitchen – living area. The kitchen has a long worktop lighted by a wide window over the sink,  the breakfast island divides the living area from the kitchen. The fridge and pantry are integrated in the wall between the bedroom and the living area. In order to kept the continuity of the stone vault, the wall of the unsuits bedroom is closed in its upper part by a transparent glass. An external stone stairs leads to the upper apartment made of bedroom, bathroom and a small living area with a stone chimney.