Trulli restoration in Martina Franca - Trullo Veltrico -

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These  group of trulli is in Martina Franca. The building was a masseria of twelve cones divided between the house of the farmer, the stable and the trappeto. The trappeto is an area ment to press the grapes, the must was collected into deep cisterns just beneath the floor. The farm has been transformed in a bed and breakfast made of two little apartments and the house of the owner. One of the apartment is in the trappeto and the other one in a part of the house of the farmer. The apartment in the trappeto keeps the original stone floor smooth and stained by grapes juice, the bed is in the niche where the grapes were stocked after being poured through the  splayed window above it. The bathroom is in a round volume built in an angle of the bigger trullo. The entrance to the apartment is trough the former stable that gives into the lounge area. In both the apartments the walls are plastered and whitewashed, only some details are in bare stone. The second apartment is made of two bedrooms and a little lounge. All the furniture is white, the settee are made with mattress and cushions standing on platforms. In the owner apartment every space is wisely used. The externals keep all their original character and organized in different spaces for morning breakfast and relax.