Trulli restoration in Putignano

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These little group of trulli is in Putignano. It is a very original construction with an unusual layout. There are for cones and all arches lay on a central pillar so that the trulli open one into the other in a continuous space. The building has got two entrances, two focarili ( old chimney), one cistern with two differ collars. This kind of layout  indicates that the trulli originally where divided into two units.

Before the restoration the trulli had many infiltrations coming from the channels running on the outside walls. The trulli had been uninhabited for a long while and the plants were obsolete. The intentions of the owners was to use the trulli for short summer stays and the budget to invest was quite low. So the choice was to realize the works in order to have an efficient building keeping all its the original character. The stone floor and the plasters are the original ones, integrated only were necessary . The new plants run below the side of the floor washed and grouted at the end of the work. The arches and a few other details are in bare stone . The cooking area  is in one of the chimney and the sink is a free standing structure . The heating would have been realized with a stove located into the other chimney. The external walls of the trulli are simply whitewashed.